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Song of Solomon 8:6 Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm; for love is strong as death, passion fierce as the grave. Its flashes are flashes of fire, a raging flame.

Nothing, repeat nothing, is as damaging to marriage and sex as rules and regulations made by human religious leaders. They extinguish the blazing fire by making the bedroom a regulated place, a place where God is watching you and you cannot relax. Nothing, repeat nothing could be further from the truth.

Lets face it, sex and sacred things should never be combined. And first thing when we wake up with a partner is intimate time. Our Father knows this.

The Holy Spirit is not approved to do anything during private or intimate things governed by our body signals. Isn’t Our Father a genius?

If you are used to being single and the first thing you normally do is prayer, you are not doing anything wrong once you are married and Our Father understands and does not love you any less and you don’t love Him any less and it is an agreement. It’s just different when you are a couple. It is normal to wake up and be intimate.

1 Corinthians 7:5 Do not depriving each other sexually, unless you both want to do something spiritual first, then wait a bit and have intimate time, so that Satan doesn’t tempt you because you didn’t take care of each other sexually.

Note the emphasis on “both”. Consider your partner first. It’s in the Bible, get over it. Neither partner should have to start their day sexually frustrated. Make sure of it. And if you are single or engaged, take care of it, don’t be kidding yourself, better to masturbate than to have sex before you are married. Or worse, engaging in spiritual things while sexually charged.

You are “ceremonially” unclean for one hour after sex but if it is urgent or an emergency, pray anyway.

Our Father doesn’t want to wreck intimacy or romantic time or anything, in fact we are designed with two sets of nerves, one reason is to experience romantic love in absolute privacy (God is not watching because He doesn’t want to. He is a loving Father and dignifies us with privacy, He is only a thought or a prayer away if we need Him or want to talk to Him). He is identified as masculine but He is not sexual. If there’s a problem, it’s only in your mind. Being married is how God sees everyone eventually. It is not good for the man to be alone it says in Genesis, so it follows it is not good for the woman to be alone, and at some point in the future even if it is in the paradise, everyone will have someone to love. So you see, being married is just different from being single. And if you look way into the future when everyone has someone, the married arrangement will be the normal thing and everyone will start their spiritual day after time with their partner. As a matter of fact, if you read the account, Adam and Eve communed with God “in the breezy part of the afternoon”, so He definitely wants you to forge your bond with your partner rock solid and it is important to Him that you do. Then you can both joyfully approach Him together. In the modern world this may be after work or after supper but know our Father wants you to be a “happy” couple, not freaked out or awkward about your relationship with Him.

Yes, Our Father knows about all these things and knows the way the modern world works and that it makes it difficult for couples to find time together sometimes.

Do not feel guilty about it, Our Father wouldn’t arrange things in a way that would be awkward for us, absolutely the opposite.

If you happen to wake up early before your partner there’s no problem praying or doing something spiritual but don’t neglect spiritual time as a couple.

Just make sure you are both on the same page with regard to spiritual things is the thing.

I hope this helps.

You will be free sexually and without guilt and will know what is no problem.

As long you love each other, it’s nobody’s business what you do in the bedroom.

Enjoy the life God intends for couples and remember it’s part of His plan that everyone have someone eventually.

See, it’s no problem.

Online Dating

Before you attempt online dating you must Google the following:

pof romance bot dating scam catfish kik

Also, people use email templates that augment the reality of the person.  It is generally known what people are looking for in a relationship, so they cater to those needs.

Be careful. Remain on the dating site and communicate with their interface only. Do not go off the dating site and use any other software or email.  You can confirm identity with an immediate selfie request and a local phone call.

On your desktop, right click their online image and copy the URL. Paste it into Bing image search to see if they come up as a scammer.

They will ask you how long you have been on the dating site to see if you are new and vulnerable and then ask you a little bit later to go off it to use another software.  Major red flag.

Romance bots are sophisticated software that augment chatting, they are not great conversationalists but they say what you want to hear repetitively to produce an emotional response.

The Bible says, be cautious as serpents, innocent as doves.

36 Questions that can make you fall in love (can be used to help relationships or as a tool against you)

Useful sites:


Remember that physical sex between unmarried people is fornication, romance is not.

Approach dating prayerfully and marry only to another baptized person.

If a man from an online dating site sends you a silk rose it is an investment to make you fall in love and get your money and they also use emotional blackmail.

Learn about FaceTune photo editor that people use when they go on dating sites and get a selfie and a phone call before you get involved.

Paid services are more reliable, free services are generally awash with scammers who steal Facebook profiles and photos. Fake romances can go on for some time before they ask for money. Tell them you know about scams and that you will never give them any money or gifts and they may quickly disappear. Military deployment with only a few months left and needing a phone or a phone card is a sure sign of trouble, they sell them on Amazon and make money. Independently wealthy means they are out to bag a lady looking for love in all the wrong places. If they say they lost their wallet, just hang it up.

If someone doesn’t call you during domestic hours such as in the evening this indicates they likely have a partner and are working on scamming you

Forewarned is forearmed.

Call their phone number and if it says anything about a textmail subscriber it’s probably a scam. Scammers use downloadable untraceable texting apps which is not their actual phone number. They will never answer it.

Be aware about emotional abuse.

With love,


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